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Estoy leyendo: White Teeth de Zadie Smith

Hola de nuevo,

me he apuntado a un club de lectura en inglés así que también os pondré libros en este idioma, el primero ha sido «White Teeth» de Zadie Smith, y tengo que reconocer que me ha costado un poco entenderlo así que no voy a opinar mucho sobre él. Igualmente os pongo un resumen…


On New Year’s Day 1975, an Englishman named Archie Jones, a 47-year-old man whose disturbed Italian wife has just walked out on him, is attempting to commit suicide by gassing himself in his car when a chance interruption causes him to change his mind. Filled with a fresh enthusiasm for life, Archie flips a coin and then finds his way into the aftermath of a New Year’s Eve party. There he meets the much-younger Clara Bowden, a Jamaican woman whose mother, Hortense, is a devout Jehovah’s Witness. Clara had been interested in the unattractive, anti-social Ryan Topps, but their relationship falls apart after Ryan becomes a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Archie and Clara are soon married and have a daughter, Irie, who grows up to be intelligent but with low self-confidence.

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